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to balance or business interest in germany. you look at some of the traits they have what russia. it is the largest trading partner in the eu. seen her get increasingly upset with vladimir cutin. putin. of her relationship with barack obama, we have seen clear telegraphing from german officials is that they will put aside all of their nsa, the snooping, the eavesdropping and put all that aside. the focus will be how do you get the european union and the u.s. aligned with one voice. does that mean additional sanctions. what were they due to present a unified front? in some ways, they look at putinl as a kind of baye whisperer. they look to her tables translate putin -- to her to translate putin. it will been interesting conversation. courses might be a little bit early in the morning. >> i went into a whiskey distillery but there's only one catch, they haven't officially made any whiskey yet. is the first whiskey maker in london for more than a century. darren brooks, this is part of a wider trend towards craft brewing in the u.k. and a dayhree years for this to become whiskey. th
spoke about earnings and russia. the uncertainty is not identifiable. we'll have to keep on monitoring the situation closely. diets to its ipo ows ases to its ipo l twitter slows. >> hello. welcome to "countdown." i am mark barton. >> i am anna edwards. in london. welcome to the program. we begin with the earnings. >> first quarter profits rising 5.2%. that is the net income increased . analysts anticipate a profit of $1.44 billion. the reason why it has been booted -- boosted by the purchase of its division in bell john. -- belgium. earnings were boosted by a drop in payments to minority shareholders after bnp body stake in one of its units for three and a quarter billion euros. it is worth noting bp hosted its profits and '08 after setting aside payments to u.s. economic sanctions. it did say today that talks took place on the matter during the first quarter. there is still uncertainty on the size of the penalty. be excluded,annot but it could be significantly larger than the amount provision. that is worth noting. bas profit rose and exceeded analyst estimates held by the person it'
the relationship with russia. they have a cooperation -- which isth headed by the ceo. he has appeared on the sanctions list has published by western nations in the last 20 four hours or so. the company itself is not on the sanctions the less. we will talk to the ceo of statoil. that's how we are learning about thes sanctions and what it means for his relationship. .nd his relation with rosneft and whether he see the climate benefiting hit business. it is the second largest exporter. whether there are -- the geopolitical playing cow and what it means. we will be speaking to helge in a few moments time. 6:02. we have had earnings from deutsche bank. banker byt investment ravenel. first-quarter profits up by 30 four percent. trading revenue declines. honda nicole it in berlin with a details. -- hans nichols is in berlin with the details. beat.was a the big question on the earnings we were going to learn what the time for them to switch to plan b? plan a was no more massive capital. the answer is somewhat mixed. we have revenues down 34% on the previous year. it estimates a beat and if yo
are going to lose market share in russia because they declined to service the credit cards of some russian banks after the first round of sanctions came out. the biggest loser on the dow jones industrial average last week. dropping about five percent. an interesting space to watch. >> we will see you later. >> the farmer frenzy is waiting -- is reaching into germany. bayer is said to focus on growing its health business. we are joined by david tweed in berlin. bayer reported first-quarter earnings in the last hour. take us through the numbers and their intentions with regards to &a.nd a -- m ebtina came out with numbers, better than expected. and estimateersus of 2.50 6 billion. illion. b inset by improvements operational performance. good numbers all around. that said, what a bit of m&a isching bayer and it focusing on its plastics business. this is an area that a lot of people have been speculating like to hideuld off because it has not been making as much money as its cost of capital. with their earnings today, they do say that there ebitda rose by 80%. m&all be back with more on surrou
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4